Lukas Felix Pohl makes music as LFP

LFP in short

Lukas Felix Pohl wants to tell stories and create atmospheric places. Visually and auditorily he circumscribes melancholy, intangible moments, romance, external but also the inner longing for afar. Film and music enable him to do this. He lived, studied and worked in Canada, the USA, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands and France. He currently commutes between Cologne and Provence. At the end of 2022 he released his first single under his stage name “LFP”.

music genre

synthwave indie electronic chillwave singer songwriter

“From absolute commonality to indefinable loneliness. From the whole to infinite parts. I myself am one of them. And this is what we humans feel deep within us, without really being able to classify it. It is the longing for the other particles. The longing to be united again. With everything that is there.”


cologne, germany . marseille, france


+49 1777 85 25 75